Custom Sublimated
Team Collections

Faster. Consistent.

Cohesive. Zero Design Fees.

We have created several Custom Team Collections from our team of graphic designers to cover a cohesive and uniform styling across the wide range of products that we offer. Each Collection we offer has been designed, reworked, and voted on by our team to ensure that we offer the most trendy and timeless uniform concepts that NVIZIN Volleyball is known for. Once you select your Collection template, our designers will then incorporate your team’s logos, colorways, fonts, etc to generate your mockups.

1. Quicker Production Times

Using one of our Team Collection templates offers a more efficient and streamlined design process that in turn leads to quicker production times.

2. Lowered Pricing

There is also the advantage of being able to provide a lower pricing structure due to less production, art setup, and overall design.

3. Consistency

Each Team Collection design offers a consistent look form the whole team across all garment styles we offer. Men's or women's, hoodies or shorts, the design will be cohesive. 

4. Never Discontinued

By having our design team and manufacturing all under the same roof, we are able to ensure that your styling and products will NEVER be discontinued so you can continue to order year after year.

Why Team Collection over Freeform Custom Design?

With our Custom Team Collections you can save on certain aspects of the design/production process over our traditional Freeform Custom Designs. Also, each Team Collection has been developed to ensure compliance with the NFHS uniform rules and regulations.


We do still offer the opportunity to work hand in hand with our art department to create a completely unique Freeform Custom Design for your program. This process generally requires additional production time and design fees, but does provide you with the flexibility to design your uniforms from scratch and bring your own ideas to life.

If you have any questions regarding our Custom Team Collections or Freeform Custom Designs, please feel free to reach out to our sales department for assistance ( We are excited to be able to take this next step forward in streamlining our design process to make your experience more efficient and exceptional.