Team Store Terms & Conditions

Nvizin will work with you to build an online store that offers you the opportunity to create a personalized spirit package for your club or team in an online marketplace. Customers are asked to read the information below about what is needed to launch a successful team store marketplace. 

A $100 refundable deposit is required to begin construction of your online store.




A maximum of nine products can be offered for purchase in an online store. An account manager will work with you to choose the products that will help make your online store a success.


If a product does not meet the order minimum required for production, the customer/team must order the remainder of the products required for production. For screen-printed items, the minimum order is 24 pieces per product. For embroidered or sublimated items, the minimum is six pieces per product. In certain circumstances, a charge of $30 may apply to help meet the minimum order per product.


Personalized items cannot be returned for refund or exchanged.




Nvizin promotes your online store by sending information about it to an email list of your organization's members. We provide three different marketing emails to send to your members to promote the site and help drive sales while your online store is open. Or, Nvizin will email the marketing information directly to your members. You will have to provide us with an email list.




Nvizin requires five to seven business days to build your online store --- from the time you have approved the website art. 


Once your online store is ready to launch, we will email you a password unique to your site. All sites are password protected. 


Online stores should remain open for two weeks before closing. All orders will be produced and shipped within four to five weeks after the store closes. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS.




Orders are packed individually for easy distribution. Nvizin can ship orders to individual customers for the cost of freight and an additional $2.50 handling fee per order. Or, we can ship all your orders to the primary customer contact. The fee is $2.50 per order without additional freight charges. Bulk pickup can also be arranged for local clubs and teams. 




Before setting up your online store, let your account manager know if you also want to use your online store as a fundraiser. An additional contribution, up to 20 percent of the cost of each item, will be added to each item ordered.


There are two ways to receive the funds raised: 


We can provide a rebate check for the total contributions earned in your store. Or, we can give you a credit of the total contributions plus 20 percent of that amount to be used toward future Nvizin purchases. 


(Ex.: Your contributions total $500. We will credit $500 plus 20 percent of $500, or $100, equaling a $600 Nvizin credit.)